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Sen. Abbo : A Juvenile Controlled By Juggernaut – Isaac Bitrus



By Isaac Bitrus

It is clear that Sen Ishaku Abbo has lost sense of reasoning and direction to the extent of insulting leaders in the Christendom. It is a slap in the face of a right thinking person to keep silence while Senator Abbo keep disrespecting the Church.

Seriously speaking, I am still thinking and asking myself if really Sen Ishaku Abbo is a Christian. A young man that is coming up with such dirty lifestyle, a young man who has no shame and decorum, a young man that does not have respect for elders and of course a young man that his way of life is already a disgrace not only to the Church but the society in general.

Sen Ishaku Abbo should know that Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza is not a politician and will never be one. The Bishop is one of the respected men in the society. Why on earth will Sen Abbo attacked the body of Christ and drag it’s leadership in the mud. Is Abbo really okay upstair or need to be schooled on African cultures?

As far as I am concerned, Abbo is a misplaced opportunity to his people, the Adamawa citizens and of course Nigeria as whole. Misplaced opportunity because he does not know what being a “Senator” is. Abbo is a total disgrace in the National Assembly, the earlier the better, his colleagues should take him to the psychiatric for check up

Bishop Mamza categorically told him that he should go and sort himself out with his political colleagues, because the CAN Chairman will never involved himself in any politics. For goodness sake, what is wrong with CAN Chairman statement? This Abbo is really a mad man that can’t comprehend simple English, I will advise, he go back to school and do the needful. It is clear that SCHOOL WENT THROUGH ABBO, NOT HIM WENT THROUGH THE SCHOOL. This is very unfortunate for young people because Abbo has failed the younger generation with his behavioral acts.

One thing for Sure, the CAN Chairman will never join issues with Abbo, because Abbo has proved himself to be a juvenile, Abbo can’t think straight. Abbo is into serious problem because his act neither portray the act of the faith he is claiming neither African culture.

Sen Abbo should know that people elected him to represent them at the Red Chamber to defend their interest. They didn’t elect him to be reigning insult to elders in the community. Abbo should as soon as possible humble himself and apologize to the Christian leaders before it will be too late for him. Certainly, time is coming that he will regret his childish attitude. A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE!

Isaac Bitrus  sent in this piece from Jimeta-Yola.


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Is Bindow In An Unholy Tryst With Fintiri?




By Ibrahim Aliyu

The 2023 elections seem far off but political pundits across the country are already making permutations on the possible outcome of the election that is about two years away.

It is a tradition that political parties hold their primary elections to elect whoever will fly the party’s flag at various levels before the general election.

Most political analysts say, it is the most critical stage in the survival of any political party. In Nigeria, most of the crisis witnessed by political parties is due largely to lack of entrenchment of internal democracy. The Adamawa APC witnessed serious intra party crisis in 2019 as a result of dissatisfaction by its members with the way former Governor Mohammed Jibrilla Bindow emerged as the flag bearer of the party. This led to legal battles, massive anti-party activities by its members and subsequently loss of the control of the state to the opposition PDP.

Big players in the party like the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr.Babachir David Lawan, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Senator Abdulaziz Nyako, Halilu Modi, Engr. Markus Gundiri and so many other influential members of the party were actually not happy with the way and manner the party primaries were conducted.

The infighting in the APC did not only cost them the governorship seat but two senatorial seats and five House of Representatives seats as well.

Although the 2023 elections is still far, the APC in Adamawa appears to be making efforts to put its house in order as they strategize to take back power from the incumbent PDP government of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who appears to be losing its popularity and goodwill by the day.

This is evident by the recent defection of former Governor Bala James Ngillari, Senator Ishaku Abbo, two former House of Representatives members; Nwagubi Fons and Titsi Ganama among others.

This is not to mention the speculations going round that very soon some members of the state House of Assembly and indeed his cabinet members will defect to All Progressives Congress (APC).

Dr. Umar Ardo, a former governorship aspirant of the PDP has severally expressed his dissatisfaction with the leadership style of the Governor Ahmadu Umar Fintiri to the extent that he led a splinter group of the party known as the r-PDP. Today Adamawa PDP is factionalized with one group led by Tahir and the other by Dr Ardo.

While the opposition APC is putting its house in order and loading its arsenals ahead of the 2023 elections, several party bigwigs have started indicating interests openly or secretly to run for the office of the Governor of Adamawa state.

Among them is former Governor, Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow. Although he is one of those who has not publicly made his intentions known, it is, however, clear from his activities since his return to the state for the first time since he lost power to the PDP-led government that he is actually working to get back his office. While some of his supporters are indeed happy with the steps he has taken to reclaim his office, they are indeed sad with his utterances in respect to Governor Fintiri led government. The former governor did not speak like an opposition leader rather a senior member of Fintiri’s government.

For instance, during his first visit to the party secretariat after about two years since he lost power, Bindow asked party members not to criticize or attempt to sabotage the Fintiri-led government.

“Adamawa state Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is my younger brother, friend, and confidant. I will not be a party to anything that will spoil or portray his government in bad light and I will not encourage anyone of you to do so. The Governor is doing his best and needs the support of all citizens to succeed.” Bindow said.

These statements were not taken lightly by the APC leadership during the meeting. The party chairman Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal had in his response assured the former Governor they will not cease to criticize the PDP-led government because that is the role of the opposition in every democratic setting.

Bindow’s statements according to some party members are in a way giving credence to the allegation that he is planning to team up with Governor Fintiri to defect to the PDP to run for the northern zone senatorial seat which he once occupied in 2011.

Analysts are worried as to why an opposition leader who just lost power to the incumbent drum support for the same person who took power from him? It has become clear according to some members that handing over the APC governorship ticket to Bindow is like adopting Fintiri for a second term in office. For APC to succeed in 2023 they need somebody that can challenge Fintiri with all seriousness.

With the return of Senator Abdulaziz Nyako to the party, and his subsequent alliance with former governor Bindow not minding what transpired in 2019, many thought the party will wax stronger but the utterances of Bindow Jibrilla on Fintiri has weaken a lot of APC members and in particular his supporters.

If Dr. Ardo who is from the PDP and Senator Abbo who just defected to the APC will be firing salvos at the incumbent Governor, one would only wonder why the opposition is instead calling for support for the same government who accused him of not building a single classroom while in government for four years.

2023: Gov Fintiri Is A Goner - Sen Abbo Boasts | Forefront Nigeria

Abbo had severally accused Fintiri of enriching himself and abandoning party loyalists who struggled to get him to power.

The senator in an interview in 2019 published in said, “as a result of Fintiri’s pettiness and dictatorship in governance and party affairs in the state, PDP is not only in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but on life support machine struggling for survival. The Governor is running the party like a gangster and I will never eat on the same table with dictators.”

Abbo said his exit from the PDP was as a result of the mismanagement of the party’s Adamawa state chapter by the state Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri who he accused of causing an internal crisis.

While delivering his address when he and others were received by the APC at the Adamawa state party secretariat, the senator reiterated that he is not desperate about power. “We are not desperate about power, but we are desperate about one thing, which is removing that thief (referring to Fintiri). We have come together to take over power from this kleptomaniac government of the PDP. We knew what Fintiri did in power when he was acting Governor for just 76 days in office, he nearly sold government house and the records are there with the EFCC. The situation now is that a thief was caught in a house, taken to court, and returned to the same house to be in charge. That is our unfortunate situation in Adamawa state,” Senator Abbo said.

If people who were in the same party with the Governor and from the same zone will point out defects in the present administration and also leave the ruling party in the state to the opposition APC, one would only but wonder why Bindow, a former Governor who Fintiri snatched power from will want to play soft on the government. If Binow continues with this attitude, it will be better for APC to adopt Fintiri as its candidate.

This surely gives rise to a fundamental question bugging the minds of many, is Bindow having a tryst with Fintiri?

Ibrahim Aliyu is a public affairs commentator and he writes from Mubi.

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SSG, Bashiru Ahmad Will Not Succumb To Your Corrupt Tendencies – AUF Ambassadors




A pressure political group in Adamawa christened,  Ahmad Umaru Fintiri -AUF Ambassadors on Tuesday lambasted the recent publication by an online news platform TG News, calling for sacking of Bashiru Ahmad, the Secretary to the State Government.

The youths group which is  in support  Fintiri with hundreds  of members across the 21 local government areas of the state described the claims credited by one Comrade Muhammad Ishaq as baseless and unfounded.

The State Coordinator of AUF Ambassadors, Mr  Abdurrahman Abubakar Musa in a statement revealed that the publication was the handiwork of mischievous and blackmailers in their calculated attempts to tarnish the good image of the SSG.

He opined that the sponsors of the publication were the most corruptible, dishonest and hardhearted individuals who do not have the interest of the people at heart but their pockets after their traps severally failed to catch the SSG decided to bankroll the writeup.

The State Coordinator justified that to the best of their knowledge as staunched supporters of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri since inception of his administration no any group with such name ‘A Coalition of Fintiri Support Group’.

He extolled the virtues of Bashiru Ahmad as a person with a strong set of ethical principles, truthful, incorruptible, honest, and above all, doing all the desirables without expecting commendation as his collection of integrity.

The State Coordinator further described the SSG as hardworking, astute and, rare administrator per excellence who always study issues and pick the essentials that will ensure full implementation of government policies and programmes.

Abubakar called on the enemies of progress who sponsored the article to rethink and change their steps as as it is not business as usual because the present administration is not a respecter of corrupt people who enrich themselves at the detriment of others.

He assures that the AUF Ambassadors will continue to support Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri in his quest to making Adamawa one of the best states in the country through carrying out public awareness in the nooks and crannies of Adamawa.

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APC Will Bounce Back In Adamawa 2023- Sen. Nyako




Former senator representing Adamawa central, Senator Abdulaziz Murtala Nyako has vowed that comes 2023 the All Progressive Congress (APC)  will wrest power from the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP,  in Adamawa.

He cited poor performance among other reasons that could consume the ruling party, PDP,  in Adamawa.

The former ADC chieftain, dropped the hint in Yola while speaking at a stakeholders meeting of APC.

In his words, ” With our return, APC is waxing stronger everyday,  so  we are now battle ready politically to bring change the narrative of governance in Adamawa to good governance devoid of any primordial sentiment.

” God’s willing , APC  is set to bounce back and take it’s leadership role,” said he.

The former senator was however quick to  prevail on the need to do justice to all party members, saying that only justice will restore the dignity and winning streak of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State.

Nyako , regrets that “injustice was responsible for the downfall of the party in the state.”

Nyako was also emphatic to say that   he has forgiven all those who in one way or the other wronged him in the past, noted that, for the party to regain its vitality, all other stakeholders who were wronged in one way or the other, must also forgive and start on a clean slate.

“I came here with a clean and fresh mind as I bore no grudge against anyone here. I have forgiven what happened in the past and I urged all to adopt such posture,” he said.

As a soldier, the senator said the essence of fighting a war is to bring peace, noting that if at the end of war peace does not prevail, the essence of fighting the war is defeated.

“If you fight a war and you don’t bring peace, you have lost the war. So after all the challenges, we now believe there will be peace in the party,” he said.

According to him, before the ADC structure was collapsed into the APC, he made wide consultations with various stakeholders including the national leadership of the party, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, Senator Binani and host of other party stakeholders who promised to ensure the enthronement of justice and fair play in the party.

“The only condition we gave before coming back into the party is that there will be justice for all and I’m satisfied that justice will be done to all.

“Let us go into massive registration drive and ensure that we give only people with the capacity to deliver results, critical responsibilities,” he said.

Earlier in his speech, professor Tahir Mamman, the north east vice chairman caretaker/extraordinary convention planning committee thanked all the stakeholders especially senator Nyako for the milestones being recorded in the party.

“You will recall that the leadership and members of ADC, Adamawa chapter in December 2019 resolved to rejoin the APC, a party they were part and parcel of from foundation.

“This decision followed extensive consultations with leaders and members down to the ward and local government levels. Similar consultations also held within and with the APC leadership. The members and leaders are exceedingly happy with this re-union, as it has strengthened the base and capacity of the APC.

“This agreement was sealed in December 2020. A ceremony was fixed for today 9th January, 2021 to witness the final phase of the reunion. For all these, I must thank and commend the sagacity and wisdom of the political leaders of former ADC, distinguished Sen. Abdulazeez Nyako, Umaru Mijinyawa Kugama and Hon. Yaya Hammanjulde,” he said.

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