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Again, Fintiri’s aide, Tukur Reply Mayas Over Open Letter




In times of politics of animosity, the first victim is the truth. Truth is murdered on the altar of duplicity. Incompetent politicians lie to score cheap political goal against their opponent. This is gradually becoming a political norm here in Adamawa State where mischief has become a political weapon of the opposition against the vibrant leadership of the PDP’s Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

It is sad that former Adviser on Information and Public Affairs to Governor Fintiri in 2014, and now Assistant Publicity Secretary of APC, Hon Mohammed Mayas has jumped into the ring of mischief to do the dirty job. But like others, he has failed to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt in the court of public opinion. The Adamawa citizens of this dispensation are more wiser, because they bow to strength of superior argument. Egoistic tokenism no longer flourish. Mayas and his cohorts, merchandising falsehood needs to know this, because it has failed and will continue to fail.

To start with, placing side by side, the Fintiri of 2014 against that of 2019 raises a lot of questions on the personality of Mayas and his political idiosyncrasy.

Let me quote him first.

“In 2014,you were more of a servant to the people than a leader…. In 2014 you talked less and listen more, and considered objective criticism as an integral part of good governance, so hardly you disagree with your critics without cogent reasons.
You operated an open and transparent Government I can still recall how you felt about the Unity of this state. Your vision to the state was very strong at that time,all this make our govt very strong and weakened the opposition at that time….Remember how you swiftly moved into action after your inauguration as an acting governor in 2014, by flagging off road projects within state capital and beyond,in less than one month you face lifted the entire state capital.”

If this was the Fintiri you worked with in 2014, why did you chose to support another candidate that was could not match his track records of 2014, giving that he was still bearing the assertion of the 2014?

If you sacrificed the great vision you saw him with in 2014 even at the time he had not exhibited the so-called 2019’s you claimed he has, by supporting another candidate; what was your interest? Are you sure your choice of working against Fintiri as you confessed was for the best interest of the common people of Adamawa State, or personal aggrandizement? It is clear that you are a bandwagon politician who thought Fintiri will not win, so you abandoned him.

But let me dwell more on the unsubstantiated issues you raised. There is no difference between the present Fintiri and that of 2014. Instead, Adamawa is seeing a more matured Fintiri than that of 2014. If fire can consume a tortoise with iron coat, why not a fowl with feathered gown? And you can see it clearly as sprouting mega projects has changed the entire development masterpiece of Adamawa state. Take the Jimeta Flyover for instance, it has launched Adamawa State capital into the comity of modern cities in Nigeria. Almost all the projects are at final touches however, you know that fact that HE inherited the state in a comatose situation.

Be put on notice that HE is more matured now and is running on his own team without the pressure of stoking the ego of any local potentate. It is therefore expected that the likes of Mayas will feel aggrieved for not reaping where they have not sowed. Simply put, they put their bets on the wrong horse and lost their deposits.

The alleged dismissal of 10 000 youths from civil service is another blatant lie. There’s nothing like that, I challenge Mayas to bring the list of the said 10 000. It’s 4000 base on committee report and they have gone under screening and those with genuine papers that are qualified are reinstated presently working while those that are not, have been given room to apply for another job.

Talking about jobs, just recently, governor fintiri has employed 2000 in primary healthcare and currently employing 2000 in post primary schools. This is coming at a time most states are being stocked down with the present economic realities and are not able to executive projects or offer employment.

Not being tolerant to opposition is another fallacy of hasty conclusion and ignorant generalization. It is on record that, HE has appointed more than 10 people from the opposition in his administration as Senior Special assistant,Special assistant,board members and parastatals and special advisers. This is the first of its kind in this state.

One of the most unintelligent arguments one will advanced against the vibrant leadership of His excellency Governor Fintiri is the balkanization of Adamawa State which you just did. You forget so soon how His excellency handled the delicate Herdsmen/Farmer crises. He has changed the narrative of Adamawa irrespective of ethnic or religion that every body can see with his eyes. I challenge you to bring up your facts, if you feel contrary.

It will not be a bad idea for the likes of Mayas to conduct research about states in Nigeria that pay workers salaries on 22 to 23 of every month. Here too Adamawa blazes the trail. Comparatively, this wasn’t the case in time past. The last administration held local salaries of government primary health care and local education authority for 5 to 7 months respectively. Today this is not the narrative.

May I advise Mayas and all his co-conspirators to desist from unfounded mischief and willful blackmail because HE canno’t be distracted by petty miscarriage of truth. To thunder is not rain, says a popular African proverb.

Muhammad Bakari Tukur
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (New Media)
21st November 2020


Adamawa APC: Standing on One Leg By Zayyad I. Muhammad




By Zayyad I. Muhammad

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Adamawa chapter, is currently struggling to be on its feet. After losing the 2019 governorship election, the party is yet to find its hitherto excellent firm stand. damawa APC is in dire need of a strong leader as a rallying-point.

Former Governor Muhammadu Umaru Bindow should have naturally assumed the position of the leader and rallying point for the party in Adamawa state. Characteristics of his style politics, Bindow ‘ran away’ from Adamawa, after losing the governorship election  . Bindow may have the resource and loyal supporters; to assist him to play the position of the party leader, but he naturally lacks the hearts to deploy his resources to such endeavor. Bindow has insufficient charisma to command respect from some important APC stakeholders. Though Bindow’s former commissioner of finance Mahmood Yunusa is doing some good work  to bring together some stakeholders.

Former SGF Babachir David Lawal has vast political experience and holds an important ‘position’ in APC at the national level including in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, but  he lacks the political decorum to be APC’s rallying-point in Adamawa.

Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed could have easily played that role- she has the resources, but lacks the very important grab of the nitty-gritty of party politics. Some bigwigs would just see her as a ‘toddler’

SFG Boss Mustapha is a good candidate for that position, because of his very important and powerful position of SGF, but Boss always appears to be lone-ranger. His style of politics would be alien to that role- Boss doesn’t build bridges and many people see him as someone that is more concerned of his personal interest rather than that of the party. If Boss can reassess his style of politics, he can play that role.

Dr Mahmood Halilu Ahmed Modi has the war-chest, but he doesn’t have the required experience and command to bring some bigwig together. How about First Lady, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari? Her capacity is anybody’s guess- it is not her territory – looking at the complexity of Adamawa politics and that of the APC as a party.

Former Minister of State for Defence,  Alhaji Abdulrahman Adamu is off the radar.

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is a superb election material in his own rights, but his style and approach to politics exclude him from such a role. Nuhu may not have the in-depth knowledge of local politics and the war-chest of a rallying-point.

APC Storm Adamawa For Murtala Nyako | CKN News

Former Governor Murtala Nyako may not have the colossal war-chest but he has the required ‘currency’:  experiences, level, capacity and cult-like followers, He’s Adamawa APC’s natural leader. But Nyako is ‘missing’ in the affairs of APC, in spite of the fact that he has not, in public, denounced his membership of the party.  APC needs Nyako to play the role of its rally-point. The only person that can persuade Nyako to fully comeback to APC is President Buhari, but Buhari is weak in such an area.

Apart from the absent of a rallying-point, the Adamawa APC  is also facing issues on the reward system-  the reward system is near zero in spite of the party having a senior minister, SGF, First Lady, senator, MPs  including many people in the corridors of power.

 Zayyad I. Muhammad is a Jimeta based political analyst.

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Open Message To Binani By Bappare: Is Never Too Late To Get Political Redemption




By Muhammad Bappare 

Is on record, the current occupant of Adamawa Central Zone Senator got the note of approval to defect from PDM into APC which was more of a political magnanimity by the then Governor Senator Bindow, APC State Working Committee and APC Stakeholders which paved way for her entry into the party.

Thus she was supported overwhelmingly during the primaries and got the ticket as a candidate of the party which let to her being voted as Senator today. As such, her concern now is to see how she can redeem her political lost glory by first of all reconciling with those who help her to become the Senator for the zone to move forward, she need to apologise to Gov. Bindow, SGF, APC Members of the Assembly, Leader of Adamawa Central zone Kaura Adamawa and other critical stakeholders.

Secondly she need to start doing what is in the base interest of the people not all this lips and eye service claim of performance just as Dr Zainab Gimba of Borno State has been doing….

That’s the only way she can redeem her self and get out of her political isolation and quackmire which has affected our zone progress and development. So far the zone has been relegated to the background of development and progress due to her poor leadership and lack of unity of purpose for the benefit of the zone….

Dr.  Muhammad Bappare 

Writes in this piece from Yola

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Bappare, Others Reacts Over Booing Of APC Senator In Adamawa




The Booing of Adamawa Central zone Senator Yesterday at the party Secretariat was a clear vindication of our political standpoint longer before now that the Senator has lost control and good will of APC men, women and members in the zone and Adamawa State.

All our APC Elected State Legislatures, Adamawa Central zone Stakeholders have lost confidence in her for all she is after is her personal agenda instead of the collective interest of the party.

The Yesterday’s fracas was not directed at any of the national Assembly members that came to attend the scheduled meeting but Adamawa Central zone Senator who was has lost the good will of the people and support of most APC Members in the zone and Adamawa State large which is a direct consequence of her political miscalculation and lack of her political foresight.

A lot is now being done to salvage the party from Adamawa Central and the entire state at large, APC Members should remain calm and unite towards rebuilding the party ahead of 2023 election….

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