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Atiku Commends Fintiri:  I’m A Proud Adamawa Citizen Under Your Stewardship



Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar says he is a proud citizen of Adamawa State under the stewardship of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

Atiku described Fintiri’s leadership qualities as unique and exemplary.

Atiku made the comment in a letter he personally wrote to Fintiri, congratulating the government and people of Adamawa State on the occasion of Nigeria’s Diamond Jubilee anniversary celebration.

He said Governor Fintiri has exhibited the highest qualities of leadership for the diverse ethnicities in Adamawa that makes every well-meaning Adamawa citizen proud.

“I recognize your spirited efforts and applaud the noble and onerous policies that you have undertaken in order to promote nationhood, prosperity and growth in Adamawa state.

“Even though you inherited a whopping N115 billion debt from the previous administration, you championed a world-class transformation of the microeconomic structure of the state to a position where every modicum of corruption has been eradicated.

“It is not for nothing that you are popularly referred to as ‘ATM’ and ‘Fresh Air’ as the first amongst first time governors to successfully conduct local government election and expunge a culture of unpaid salary arrears of local government workers, primary school teachers and the primary healthcare sector,” Atiku stated.

The former Vice President observed that although there are challenges to a dynamic democracy in Nigeria at all levels of government occasioned by insecurity, among others, the people continue to hold the nation and each other up.

“As Nigeria celebrates its diamond anniversary of 60 years of the emergence of democracy in May 1999 ended a consecutive 16 years of military rule. We have come a long way,” said he.

He called for diversification of the economy particularly in the northern part of the country, as the region was developed without oil, and tasked state governments and the people to ensure that the North is the nerve of economic diversification in Nigeria.

“I will like to seize this medium to call a strategic diversification for the prosperity of our people. This will support security, innovation, eradication of poverty, economic transformation, regional integration and most importantly a significant development of our region,” Atiku said.


Again, Fintiri’s aide, Tukur Reply Mayas Over Open Letter





In times of politics of animosity, the first victim is the truth. Truth is murdered on the altar of duplicity. Incompetent politicians lie to score cheap political goal against their opponent. This is gradually becoming a political norm here in Adamawa State where mischief has become a political weapon of the opposition against the vibrant leadership of the PDP’s Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

It is sad that former Adviser on Information and Public Affairs to Governor Fintiri in 2014, and now Assistant Publicity Secretary of APC, Hon Mohammed Mayas has jumped into the ring of mischief to do the dirty job. But like others, he has failed to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt in the court of public opinion. The Adamawa citizens of this dispensation are more wiser, because they bow to strength of superior argument. Egoistic tokenism no longer flourish. Mayas and his cohorts, merchandising falsehood needs to know this, because it has failed and will continue to fail.

To start with, placing side by side, the Fintiri of 2014 against that of 2019 raises a lot of questions on the personality of Mayas and his political idiosyncrasy.

Let me quote him first.

“In 2014,you were more of a servant to the people than a leader…. In 2014 you talked less and listen more, and considered objective criticism as an integral part of good governance, so hardly you disagree with your critics without cogent reasons.
You operated an open and transparent Government I can still recall how you felt about the Unity of this state. Your vision to the state was very strong at that time,all this make our govt very strong and weakened the opposition at that time….Remember how you swiftly moved into action after your inauguration as an acting governor in 2014, by flagging off road projects within state capital and beyond,in less than one month you face lifted the entire state capital.”

If this was the Fintiri you worked with in 2014, why did you chose to support another candidate that was could not match his track records of 2014, giving that he was still bearing the assertion of the 2014?

If you sacrificed the great vision you saw him with in 2014 even at the time he had not exhibited the so-called 2019’s you claimed he has, by supporting another candidate; what was your interest? Are you sure your choice of working against Fintiri as you confessed was for the best interest of the common people of Adamawa State, or personal aggrandizement? It is clear that you are a bandwagon politician who thought Fintiri will not win, so you abandoned him.

But let me dwell more on the unsubstantiated issues you raised. There is no difference between the present Fintiri and that of 2014. Instead, Adamawa is seeing a more matured Fintiri than that of 2014. If fire can consume a tortoise with iron coat, why not a fowl with feathered gown? And you can see it clearly as sprouting mega projects has changed the entire development masterpiece of Adamawa state. Take the Jimeta Flyover for instance, it has launched Adamawa State capital into the comity of modern cities in Nigeria. Almost all the projects are at final touches however, you know that fact that HE inherited the state in a comatose situation.

Be put on notice that HE is more matured now and is running on his own team without the pressure of stoking the ego of any local potentate. It is therefore expected that the likes of Mayas will feel aggrieved for not reaping where they have not sowed. Simply put, they put their bets on the wrong horse and lost their deposits.

The alleged dismissal of 10 000 youths from civil service is another blatant lie. There’s nothing like that, I challenge Mayas to bring the list of the said 10 000. It’s 4000 base on committee report and they have gone under screening and those with genuine papers that are qualified are reinstated presently working while those that are not, have been given room to apply for another job.

Talking about jobs, just recently, governor fintiri has employed 2000 in primary healthcare and currently employing 2000 in post primary schools. This is coming at a time most states are being stocked down with the present economic realities and are not able to executive projects or offer employment.

Not being tolerant to opposition is another fallacy of hasty conclusion and ignorant generalization. It is on record that, HE has appointed more than 10 people from the opposition in his administration as Senior Special assistant,Special assistant,board members and parastatals and special advisers. This is the first of its kind in this state.

One of the most unintelligent arguments one will advanced against the vibrant leadership of His excellency Governor Fintiri is the balkanization of Adamawa State which you just did. You forget so soon how His excellency handled the delicate Herdsmen/Farmer crises. He has changed the narrative of Adamawa irrespective of ethnic or religion that every body can see with his eyes. I challenge you to bring up your facts, if you feel contrary.

It will not be a bad idea for the likes of Mayas to conduct research about states in Nigeria that pay workers salaries on 22 to 23 of every month. Here too Adamawa blazes the trail. Comparatively, this wasn’t the case in time past. The last administration held local salaries of government primary health care and local education authority for 5 to 7 months respectively. Today this is not the narrative.

May I advise Mayas and all his co-conspirators to desist from unfounded mischief and willful blackmail because HE canno’t be distracted by petty miscarriage of truth. To thunder is not rain, says a popular African proverb.

Muhammad Bakari Tukur
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (New Media)
21st November 2020

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Open LETTER : Gov Fintiri’s aide attacks APC Spokesman Mayas, accuses him of  hallucination, lies




The Director General,media  to Gov.Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa state, Solomon Kumangar has said that the three-page letter by the assistant publicity secretary of APC , Muhammad Mayas, as “last push by desperate politicians” that cannot handle the governor politically and have resorted to subterfuge.
The Media aide said that, “Our first message to the APC scribe is that he needs a good doctor for good treatment and to say to him, “get well soon.”
Mr Kumangar said, ”  as repeatedly said  Mr Muhammad Mayas never let every succeeding leader of the state function freely and that a former governor of the state, Boni Haruna was serially attacked and blackmailed by same Muhammad Mayas”.
“But Muhammad Mayas is jealous because Governor Fintiri has more esteem than him and the sooner he learns to accept this, the better.
“It is a notorious fact that in dealing with any leader that he Muhammad Mayas failed to control or get pocket money from, he resorted to these puerile attacks.
“As a failed politician the grand patron of lies, more correctly the grandfather of lies as described by some civil society leaders during the Boni administration, Muhammad Mayas released today’s letter purely for the reason of reviving his the dead political image in Adamawa,” the statement said.
“Mr Mayas and his co-travellers in the APC should expect is that Gov. Fintiri has thought them a political lesson that they will never forget 2019.
“This margin will be much bigger than we had in 2023,” said he.
Muhammed Mayas had earlier claims that In 2014 Fintiri was more of a servant to the people than a leader.
” In 2014 he talked less and listened more, and considered objective criticism as an integral part of good governance, ” so he said.
But Mr Kumangar said Mr Fintiri, who has taken Adamawa’s reputation to a higher level in terms of practical governance and is working hard to improve on the standard of living of the people would not descend to the level that Mr Mayas has himself sunk.
“As for his attacks of the Fintiri’s administrations for non-commissioning of any projects within 18 months, what the APC scribe, Mayas said is no more than evidence that Governor Fintiri’s determination to continue with abandoned projects he inherited from his predecessor before starting new ones are succeeding. They thought it is all a joke.
“Mayas fails to let go of the pains and animosity he harbours against the governor despite not contesting the same office with the governor in 2019, and so he resulted in hallucination about Fintiri’s administration. He is a coward.
“Mayas, manifesting a confused state of mind blames Governor Fintiri for not holding workers in high esteem like 2014, which he fail to understand the NLC and its affiliates have severally recognised and awarded the governor for standing by it and her members and also paying minimum wage to workers, the first of its kind in entire north-eastern Nigeria” which really does not amount to saying anything new. Mr Kumangar said.
He also said the language of the APC scribe’s 3-page letter, likening Mr Fintiri to failure due to on-going flyover construction is most unfitting from the opposition in Adamawa state as every administration anywhere in Nigeria has manifestos and priority projects not necessarily following the mind-set of  failed politicians like Mayas that change politically when the going is not favourable.
He said the claim that Mr Fintiri has abandoned rural roads to urban roads is “outlandish and outrageous”.
“We are unable to get the words to describe a 60-year old liar, except to say that by the publication of this tissue of lies against the governor, he Mayas and his party, not the Governor will fall from everyone’s esteem,” Kumangr said.

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Adamawa PDP Crisis: Ardo sues A T Shehu’s led Leadership Congresses




…Seeks dissolution, fresh Congresses

‘For now, there seems to be no end in the lingering crisis rocking the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa state as one time Gubernatorial Aspirant of the party, Dr. Umar Ardo, dragged the leadership of the party before Federal High Court Yola, seeking the dissolution of Exco at all levels.
Dr. Ardo and 2 others have filed an originating summons seeking for an order of the court dissolving the State Executive Committee led by Barrister A. T. Shehu, Local Government and Ward Executive Committees respectively, and the order compelling  the party to conduct fresh congresses.

The plaintiffs in a suit number FHC/YL/ CS/11/2020, filed on 14th October, 2020, joined PDP, Barr. A. T. Shehu, Ahmed Bazwei, Hamza Bello Madagali, Altine Daniel, Sabo Bamanga, Bala Buba Jada, Adamu Waziri Paka, Audi Ngete, Ayuba Teri, Shuaibu Audu and the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) as 1st to 12th defendants.

Dr. Ardo and others alleged that the procedure by which A. T. Shehu to 11defendants transmuted from being members of the Caretaker Committee to become members of the state Exco of the party contravenes the principles of equity and fairness, and breaches PDP constitution which renders the procedure to be repugnant of natural justice.

The Plaintiffs have asked Justice Abdulazeez. Anka led Federal High Court to declare that by the virtue of having held and /or still hold dual offices as stipulated in section 48 of the PDP constitution, created vacancies in all Ward and 21 LG Executive Committees to carry out the functions in Article 15(2) and 16(2) of PDP constitution.

In the originating summons, the trio have further prayed the Court to dissolve all the Exco at the State, LG and Ward levels, and direct the party to conduct fresh congresses within 30 days of the judgement to elect new Exco in accordance with the constitution of the party so as to function democratically and effectively.

Furthermore, they asked the court to order the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to monitor the congresses and ensure compliance with the constitution of the party.

Already, the court presided over by Justice Abdulazzez Anka, has fixed 26th November, 2020, for mention.


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